Hudson Valley’s Very Own Orange County

Say “Orange County” and most people think of California, Disneyland in Anaheim, and surfing towns. Our favorite Orange County has none of those places but many others that intrigue, excite, satiate and rejuvenate. That’s none other than Orange County, NY in the Hudson Valley.

Located less than an hour from New York City, Orange County is home to many attractions, including the world-famous Storm King Art Center with its marvelous outdoor sculptures and vast landscapes; the venerable U.S. Military Academy, West Point, whose beautiful campus sits on the left bank of the Hudson River; wonderful hiking trails such as the most popular section of the Appalachian Trail which winds through Bear Mountain Wildlife Center; a dozen wineries and cideries including small-batch family-owned operations like Bashakill Vineyards and bigger ones like Angry Orchard; and a delightful selection of farmers’ markets, farm stands and farm-to-table restaurants.

Indeed, Orange County – along with the rest of the Hudson Valley – is often seen as the bread basket of the New York metropolitan area. One village to stop by for a taste of local freshness is Montgomery, a quick 10-minute drive from Hudson Valley Rose Bed and Breakfast. Montgomery is home to a number of restaurants that pride themselves in serving the best local ingredients. A few of our favorites include Ward’s Bridge Inn, 88 Charles Street and Wildfire Grill.

The next time “Orange County” comes up in cocktail chatter, why not share a little about this little gem in the Hudson Valley?

For those who prefer to call us “Apple County,” we’d gladly answer to that too.

See you around.

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