Our Grounds

Affectionately known as “Rose Cottage Farm” among local villagers, Hudson Valley Rose Bed and Breakfast is beautifully situated near the Catskills in lower Upstate New York.  The property on which the B&B sits dates back to 1847, when a farming family nursed the pastures, cultivated the fruit trees, and reared numerous animals on the lands surrounding the stone house. Over the decades, improvements were made to the impeccable structure, including a beautiful enclosed wooden nook overlooking the horse pasture. Two rustic cottages fashioned from 18th- and 19th-century barn wood romantically dot the picture-perfect grounds.

Upon arrival at the inn, make your way down the tree-lined driveway where the crop land greets you to the left and the horse pasture beckons to your right. Nature completely envelopes the surroundings and challenges you to resist the urge to pull out a picnic basket and blanket. Look around to spot the lush wildlife of beautiful plants and occasional animals, including chickadees, woodpeckers, blue jays, chipmunks, squirrels and wild turkeys.

Step into the family house built with multi-hued stone walls and be greeted by beautifully stenciled wooden floors. Relax in the comfortable country-style living room decorated with vintage furniture and furnishings. Perch on one of the window benches to gaze out into the open fields and gardens. Enjoy the view over an espresso or a latte you may choose to make at the refreshments table featuring a simple-to-use Nespresso machine, milk frother and all-day snacks.

In the morning, make the lazy stroll from your guest room to the sunny breakfast room inspired by Old World country-style homes. Splashes of yellow meet with rustic reclaimed barn wood furniture, with thoughtful decorating touches in shades of blue. Browse the inn library for reading material to enjoy fireside or outdoors. Or, leave your mark and add your artistic touch to the collection of adult coloring books, connect-the-dots puzzles and sketch pads.

Fireplaces are found throughout the house, and some of the original 170-year-old tools still adorn the kitchen.

For more about our environs, keep reading:

Hudson Valley Rose Bed and Breakfast sits in Orange County, NY, which was created in 1683 and named after the British Prince of Orange, who would later become King William III.

Visitors may find it interesting to know that our bed and breakfast is situated on land that straddles the two villages of Crawford and Pine Bush, and is technically a part of the hamlet of Bullville (named after Thomas Bull, a distiller of apple whiskey). To liven things up, our zip code classifies us as belonging to the town of Middletown; in reality, the only part of the property that is located in Middletown’s zip code is the mailbox — which sits across the street from the driveway entrance.

Today, the population of Orange County is about 400,000 with Crawford making up about two percent of it. Dairy farming continues to proliferate in the area, which once considered itself the butter capital of the world.