Ask Me Anything: Hudson Valley American Girl Edition

Occasionally, we meet an interesting guest or tourism partner and invite them to sit down with us for an Ask Me Anything: Hudson Valley Edition. Our latest guest is our very own pint-sized cutie, Gigi. Here’s the story:

On January 1, a rather amusing thing happened. The toy company American Girl launched a 2019 doll that bears uncanny similarities to our two-year-old daughter. For the uninitiated, American Girl dolls are known for their detailed backstories:

This doll named Blaire Wilson lives on a farm with her family (check) in the Hudson Valley in Upstate New York (check), where they run a bed and breakfast (check). They do weddings (check), go farm-to-table (check) and love animals (double check – milou!). The doll loves screen time (unfortunately, so does our little girl, but we limit it to video chats with Granny and Popo, as well as the Garage Band app which is her current obsession).

We spoke with the little budding innkeeper to get her thoughts (and autograph):

HVR: Gigi, do you like dolls?
Gigi: Eyes (points to a doll’s eyes)! Nose (points to doll’s nose)! Ma (points to doll’s mouth…)!

HVR: Do you like animals?
Gigi: Milou (pats her little Australian Cattle dog vigorously)!!

HVR: Weddings! Have you been to any?
Gigi: Spooooon! (Editor’s note: She loves music and spoons are her go-to-instruments at weddings.)

HVR: What do you say to the guests who stay at Hudson Valley Rose?
Gigi: Hi (smiles and waves with her right hand)! Byeee (blows kisses and lunges forward for a hug)!

HVR: Do you prefer the Hudson Valley or New York City, where you were born?
Gigi: Mama! Papa! (Editor’s note: Home is everywhere her mom and dad are, and she loves the countryside as much as the city – little diplomat we have here.)

So there you go – the real-life Blaire Wilson has spoken. By the time you come by, she might be ready to start helping out in the kitchen, if not watering the seedlings out in the farm, just like her buddy.

Happy 2019 to you and your loved ones!


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