Romantic Getaways & Weddings in Lower Upstate New York

At the Hudson Valley Rose Bed and Breakfast, time stands still to make room for the person who matters.  

Whether you have newly found love, are waiting for the right moment to take your relationship further, or are simply looking to find some quiet to rekindle your romance, we welcome you to step onto our farm and take in the luscious beauty and tranquility from a time long before the Green family commissioned the construction of the stone house more than a century and a half ago.

Rediscover one another as you come face to face with the wilderness, listen to nature’s soundtrack while strolling the sprawling grounds, and enjoy the peace and calm that the Hudson Valley affords.

After all, life matters. And none the truer than with your loved one.

Just Because

Green pasture with three horses surrounded by a split-rail fence and lush greenery

You don’t need a holiday or special occasion to celebrate with your loved one.

Surprise him or her with a romantic drive in the countryside and an overnight stay at the Hudson Valley Rose Bed and Breakfast. Fill your days with action-packed outdoor activities, or simply relax and unwind in our beautiful surroundings.

Make memories that count — any way you chose.

Talk to us about our romance packages to make your getaway even more special and memorable.


Large expanse of green grass with the setting sun peeking through a line of trees

Whether you’re seeking a locale of tranquility to get away from it all, or you’re looking for a place of beauty as the backdrop for the most important decision of your life, Hudson Valley Rose Bed and Breakfast is the magical place to forever etch the memory in your minds.

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Two people holding hands walking down a dirt path through a canopy of tall green trees

The obligatory big party can wait. Or perhaps it’s not that important to you both. Whatever the case, if you’re looking to keep things intimate and private, make Hudson Valley Rose Bed and Breakfast the secret sauce of your elopement.

Enquire about our elopement package today.

Intimate Wedding

Amber and green meadow grass surrounded by deciduous trees with multi-colored fall leaves and blue skies

Plan an intimate celebration amidst the gardens and fields, with the lovely stone house and cottages dotting your picturesque setting.

Enquire about our intimate wedding package today.

Honeymoon or Minimoon

Wood and brick room with round copper tub, antique faucet and open window with three white vases of red flowers

You’ve planned an amazing wedding. Everyone had a great time. Now, it’s time to treat yourself. Spend your first days as newlyweds by retreating to a world of your own, right at the Hudson Valley Rose Bed and Breakfast.

Enquire about our honeymoon or minimoon package today.

Anniversary or Vow Renewal

Blue sofa and rustic coffee table topped with fresh white flowers, cheese board with fruit, wine bottle and wine glasses

Every anniversary is a reason to celebrate. An occasion to remember the vows you’ve made on that wonderful day you’d committed to each other. Whether it’s paper (first), wood (fifth) or ruby (fortieth), let the Hudson Valley Rose Bed and Breakfast host the occasion for you and your special someone.

Enquire about our anniversary or vow renewal package today.


Close-up view of pink flowers on tree branches with blurred view of the inn in the background

Before life gets twice as busy, take quality time to etch precious memories with your partner. Enjoy a romantic getaway on the idyllic grounds of the Hudson Valley Rose Bed and Breakfast.

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