Ask Me Anything: Hudson Valley Flowers Edition

Occasionally, we meet an interesting guest or tourism partner and invite them to sit down with us for an Ask Me Anything: Hudson Valley Edition. Meet Bonnie M, owner of Secret Garden Florist.

HVR: Why are flowers associated with celebrations and memorable events in our lives?
BM: Flowers are one of the key components to feeling important and setting the mood. They are a way of using expression.

HVR: What are some creative ways we can incorporate flowers into a special occasion, such as a birthday, anniversary, proposal?
BM: Creativity is key, add them to balloon bouquets, add that diamond ring to the center of a floral, make someone smile with a ray of sunshine on a rainy day with a basket of flowers, a bowl of soup and a vase of gerbera daisies. No matter the occasion, flowers lift the spirits through our senses. The touch, the scent, the sight…

HVR: Let’s talk about the big one — weddings. What trends are we seeing?
BM: The biggest trend now is rustic wedding chic. Bohemian barn family-style weddings. Organic, freestyle with a hint of natural country. Just like here in the beautiful Hudson Valley.

HVR: Flowers and botanicals are wonderful when we’re right in the moment, and we know they don’t last forever. What are some ways we can get the most out of these beautiful perishables?
BM: Flowers will expire and when they do, it is their time. Using dried florals and botanicals is a great way to extend their beauty and when working with these, repurposing is key. Reuse them in wreaths, vases and more. The idea of using dried florals in elements adds pieces of interest to various types of designs. For example, a guest room can be enhanced with dried lavender and blooms from the previous week’s wedding florals – these make for a nice conversation piece when added to a pretty vase, a window wreath or even by the sink for bathing. We’re even seeing dried florals as a new trend in the ceremony tossing after the “I do’s”.

HVR: What tips would you give to guests who are planning to celebrate a special occasion at Hudson Valley Rose Bed and Breakfast and would love to incorporate a bit of nature in their getaway?
BM: Enjoy the beautiful outdoors – stop and smell the flowers and take in the tranquil beauty as you drive down the back roads making your way to Hudson Valley Rose Bed and Breakfast. When you arrive, let the signature of each custom designed room call to you. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just because, up the ante and surprise your travel partner with a custom floral piece. Let the nature of beauty indoors and out take you back in time to the original 1847 establishment of this handsome farming estate.

Secret Garden Florist is a premier floral specialist based in the Hudson Valley. Check out beautiful visuals from their recent weddings, events and more.

(Photo credit: Secret Garden Florist)

Secret Garden Florist wedding booth

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