Hudson Valley’s Farm Art Trail: Artistic Farmer or Agricultural Artist?

Over the years, the Hudson Valley has cultivated a storied reputation for its organic, abundant and varied farm-fresh produce. Lesser known to others outside the region is its artistic and cultural influence. The Hudson River School in the mid 1800’s was the first art movement in America, and its group of romantically-inclined landscape artists drew inspiration from the Hudson Valley.

More recently, the Wallkill River School of Art in Orange County (where Hudson Valley Rose Bed and Breakfast is located) was established with a focus on plein air (outdoor) painting in open spaces, including on farms, forests and historic locations. The School runs a gallery representing 40 local artists and is known as the first homegrown arts movement in the county.

Which brings us to the exciting project — the Farm Art Trail Geo Tour. Visitors to the Hudson Valley are now invited to go on a geocaching tour that comprises 15 local farms (think apple orchards, dairy farms, vegetable farm stands, greenhouses, alpaca farms and more), each of which has partnered with a local artist whose works are on display on the farm. Every farm features a unique geocache, and find all 15 and be rewarded with a geo token that’s yours to keep.

So, if you can’t decide whether to spend your weekend in the Hudson Valley on art or food, why not have your kale and paint it too?

Pile of orange pumpkins and yellow and green gourds

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