Ask Me Anything: Hudson Valley Elopement Edition

Occasionally, we meet an interesting guest or tourism partner and invite them to sit down with us for an Ask Me Anything: Hudson Valley Edition. Meet elopement photographer, Corey Lynn Tucker.

HVR: What is elopement photography?
CLT: Elopements are all about escaping – just the two of you and maybe a few guests (10 max). This gives you a chance to save money, have an adventure and not worry about the stress of planning a larger wedding. It is more intimate and personal and you can be relaxed and feel at ease. Eloping gives you the freedom to get married how you want without worrying about family expectations of how they think you should get married. This often means that you’re getting married in the middle of the forest, flying to an island, exploring a national park, staying at a cozy bed and breakfast and taking in the local scene.

HVR: Any advice or tips for couples looking to elope?
CLT: Choose a place that’s meaningful to you or a destination that you have always dreamed of visiting. Planning for the season is a must so you are prepared with the right gear to pack, especially if you are going to hike any mountains. Check the laws in the location you are planning on getting married so you are prepared to have a legal ceremony. It can vary by state and country. Consider your family and friends’ feelings. They might feel left out so maybe you may plan a party at a later date to celebrate your union. It could be as simple as a potluck dinner or summer barbecue.

HVR: How would you describe your shooting style?
CLT: Enchanting, passionate and moody photography. Your love and nature inspire me. My imagery is unique and I share an understanding of aesthetics that is crucial to my image selection and design. My style is heavily influenced by art. I am always in search of the light and environment to document your authentic love story.

HVR: Why elope to a destination?
What’s better than having your elopement where you will honeymoon? It’s a great way to save money and spend more time in one location and explore the area having memorable adventures together.

HVR: Having explored the nooks and cranny of the estate of the Hudson Valley Rose Bed and Breakfast, do you have a favorite spot that an eloping bride and groom wouldn’t want to miss?
CLT: It’s so hard to choose, all the rooms are so beautiful! I want to stay in all of them at some point. All of the rooms have wonderful spaces for guests to get ready in. The Clarkson Room is pretty moody and magical, especially at dawn with the light streaming through the window. I love the stone wall and mirror in the Wilkison Suite with the gray quilt and the light any time of day, morning or sunset. I adore the Manchester Cottage for the warmth of the exposed beams and copper bathtub. I love the stone work and clawfoot tub in the Ashley Room and the fireplace. The bed was so comfortable too and the light! The bed is low to the ground so that would make for some playful photos with the couple. I have an intimate story rolling around in my head already… The fields and woods are so scenic and in and around the stone house and cottage too. I could have a field day in any of the guest rooms.

Stay tuned for a sneak peek of an elopement shoot that Corey is planning at Hudson Valley Rose Bed and Breakfast this winter. Happy new year, everyone!

(Photo credit: Corey Lynn Tucker)

Couple posing for elopement photography

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