Girl Interrupts

It’s been more than a year since our last blog posting.

Our bad.

We’ve had a major curve ball come our way, although one that was extremely welcomed. We had a baby!

To say that having a child upends your life is an understatement. Now try saying that to a couple who’d recently adopted an extremely curious (what, squirrel?!) rescue dog, bought and was in the midst of renovating a 170-year-old house, and trying to create a business from scratch.

Baby Gigi came more than a month early, on a spring morning when no one was expecting her. Instead of drills, hammers, electrical cords and faucets, our Amazon cart that month was quickly replaced by swaddles, binkies, bibs and onesies.

Our vision of an idyllic newborn moment on the farm sprinkled with lazy picnics on the lawn while listening to the spring chorus of forest birds quickly became a reality of early morning awakenings in our apartment, jostled by the clanking of trash cans outside the window, as we found ourselves spending more time in the city than on the farm with a preemie requiring her fair share of doctor visits.

Man plans and God laughs.

Sometimes, man laughs too.

One of the most treasured memories of Baby Gigi’s arrival was the genuine love and concern showered upon our little family by neighbors who live near our farm. They’d surprised us over the winter by asking if they could throw us a shower. The date that was set turned out to be a few days after the baby actually arrived. Frantic calls were made in an effort to avoid cakes and cookies being baked for a mom and baby who were still recovering in the hospital. Thankfully, it wasn’t too late. Instead, our dear neighbors patiently waited until we were ready in the summer to properly welcome our little girl. No baked goods went to waste in the process.

So after a good amount of cheerful interruption, we’re finally regaining our balance and getting back in the saddle to work toward the opening of our bed and breakfast

If you happen to drive around the Hudson Valley and come across a baby with a full head of hair strapped to her parent’s chest with a little white Australian cattle dog barking protectively by her side, stop and say hello. You’re looking at Gigi and Milou — the youngest pair of best friends in the valley.

Baby girl asleep under white and pink blanket


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